Does chronic knee pain hinder your ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life? We understand and we’re here to help. At Best Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we specialize in helping our patients find relief from debilitating chronic knee pain. In fact, what used to take years to improve now takes only a few months. That’s how strong our program is and how powerful our results are for our patients.

Neurological Exam – Our Starting Point

When you come into our clinic with knee pain, we’re not just going to look at your knee. We’re going to conduct a complete neurological exam.


Over time, your brain and your knee stopped communicating properly with one another. When this happens, the muscles in the knee become too short or too weak, or both. This situation causes abnormal joint mechanics.

When you have abnormal joint mechanics, the knees literally wear themselves out. Arthritic changes are causing your knee pain.

By doing the functional neurological examination, we can evaluate for this malfunction and incorporate neurological therapies to create the proper communication channels between your brain and your joints.

Treatment Begins With Knee Traction

We are proud to say we are the first and only clinic in the DFW area to have our specialized knee traction equipment, designed to traction the knee to alleviate pain, improve flexibility of the surrounding muscles, and remove pressure off the injured/damaged cartilage to improve mobility.

Specialized Myofascial Therapy

Our initial stage of treatment utilizes a special myofascial technique. This technique is a special non-surgical treatment system that is designed to build strength in muscles and lengthens muscles that are too short.

What does that mean for you?

We can almost instantaneously reduce pain and improve range of motion because moving joints are happy joints.

Rebuilder Therapy

The Rebuilder works by measuring the status of your nerves and then treating them with tiny healing impulses specifically tuned to your individual dysfunction 7.83 times per second to provide for gental coaxing of your nerves back to full function.

What does this all mean? You will have stronger nerve pathways and feel less pain!

Class IV Cold Laser Therapy

Our Class IV Cold Laser helps treat chronic knee pain. The cold laser has several different wavelengths of laser that it goes through. The end result is this; the light that you can’t see will actually stimulates the cells in your body, specifically the mitochondria of the cell, to produce more energy.

When you have more energy, you get more blood flow. When you get more blood flow it allows inflammation to leave the body which brings nutrients in and as a result the cells can heal faster and you get pain relief sooner.

The Spine

And last, but certainly not least, we take a look at the spine.

When the various levels of the spine are affected, the L4, L5, S1, S2, the impact can be felt in the knees. When these areas of the spine are arthritic and jammed together, pressure is applied to your nerves. Those nerves cut off the signal going from the knee to the brain.

When this occurs, abnormal joint biomechanics become a problem. So if there’s a spinal issue to this, we’re going to know about, we’re going to find out about it, and we’ll treat it accordingly.

Ready for Chronic Knee Pain Relief?

These five elements are at the core of our chronic knee pain relief program. When we apply all five consistently we have great success. However, every knee is slightly different with different healing potential so every knee will have its’ own protocol.

For that reason, we do a thorough initial process for accepting patients into our chronic knee care program. Please fill out the form below or contact our office to schedule an appointment and see if we can help you find relief from chronic pain.