I have been working with the Le’s here at Best Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center for over four years loving every minute I get to spend helping others and serving our patients. Though I have been with the Le’s for four years, I have six years of experience working in Chiropractic care and my passion shines brighter now than ever.

I joined Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura while searching for a new Chiropractic Office and was blown away by their passion, personalities and love they have for their employees and patients. They love what they do and are never content, always striving to learn more about their craft as well as researching the latest technology and equipment to help their patients surpass any goal.

I too have seen Chiropractic care change my life as well as my loving husband Spencer. We both have had lingering issues that have led us to love and respect the medical marvel that is Chiropractic. Between my lingering headaches and neck pain from a car accident or my husband’s neck and back pain from years of football, we both have become pain free thanks to this wonderful office.

This office is more than a place of business, it’s a family! We care for each of our patients as if they were family and enjoy getting to know them on a personal level. I hope to see you walk through our door and I promise to welcome you with a big smile and to serve you just like our Savior Christ exemplified during His time on earth.

God Bless,