I have known Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura for over ten years, and have had the wonderful fortune of being part of the Best Life Chiropractic team for eight amazing years! I love being able to pursue my passion of helping people by assisting our patients achieve healthier lifestyles and meet their personal wellness goals. I came to know Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura while seeking relief from an injury I sustained from a skiing accident as a child. I had landed on my neck, which caused constant, severe headaches that I dealt with daily for almost 3 years. Fortunately, through consistent chiropractic care in their office, my headaches slowly subsided and ultimately stopped occurring completely over the course of only a few months. That was my first experience with chiropractic, and since I learned the benefits firsthand at such a young age, I am always eager to share the hope that chiropractic provides with everyone who experiences issues of their own!

I received my high school diploma in 2011 and continued my schooling for two more years as a student at Northlake Community College! Although I chose not to complete a degree plan, my part-time college course load showed me that I have a strong calling to make a difference by dedicating my time to educating the community about the benefits of chiropractic, and to serve our patients to the best of my ability on their journey to better health.

I was blessed to be able to marry my soulmate and best friend Brandon in March of 2018 and have since had the wonderful opportunity to be in our Flower Mound location with Dr. Laura full time! My husband and I both receive regular chiropractic care, and due to the incredible, positive impact I have seen chiropractic have on pregnant women and infants, we know that our family will be receiving the benefits of chiropractic care for life!

I have continued to learn and grow in my ability to provide the excellent service our patients deserve, and look forward to doing so for a long time! Our office allows for a safe, loving, and healing environment that welcomes everyone who steps inside! We are a supportive family, and we can’t wait to help guide you as you learn more about your health and wellness.

With love,