I graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor’s in business administration in 2007, where I met, fell in love and married my husband, Andrew. In 2011, we had our beautiful daughter Ellie Grace. Our lives took an unexpected turn in 2013 when my then 29-year-old husband got diagnosed with terminal cancer. During the final months of his life, he gave inspirational speeches all over Texas and wrote several books.

Motivated by how he lived his life and legacy, I began traveling all over the country, sharing our family’s story,documentary and Andrew’s books. I also co-authored and published an alphabet book filled with character lessons Andrew wrote and illustrated for our daughter during their quality time together while he was sick, The Ellie Project. I then got certified as a life coach so I could work one on one with people to help them reach their dreams and goals.

A few years after our loss, my body began breaking down. I went to five different specialists with no answers, so I decided to take my health into my own hands, which led me to Best Life Chiropractic—working with Dr. Laura and her team completely transformed my health. I’ve always had a love for wellness, and once I started coming to Best Life, my passion and knowledge grew to the point I wanted to be a part of the team! My mission in life is to help others heal body, mind, and soul so that we can live life to the fullest because each day we have on this earth is a gift!