I have been a part of the Best Life Chiropractic team for over a year now and am extremely grateful for the opportunity not only to be trained by Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura, but also for the chance to experience and influence our patients on their personal journeys to achieve better health. In addition, I have seen chiropractic care cause immense changes in my own life and overall quality of health! Before becoming a chiropractic patient, I would have frequent headaches and migraines. My headaches recently have become less frequent and less severe when they do rarely occur.

I received my high school diploma in 2012 and went on from there to study business administration at El Centro Community College. I have a great deal of experience with kids due to my time as a nanny for a daycare, which especially helps me serve our many patients who bring their families with them to their appointments. I am also the proud mother of an energetic, beautiful 2-year-old daughter named Penelope! She and her dad have become consistent patients along with me, so I know firsthand how beneficial chiropractic care can be for the whole family.

I love my job as a chiropractic assistant at Best Life, and I especially love the unique role I have of performing therapies on patients who require some of our more targeted, specific treatment options. It allows me to establish close relationships with our patients, and in doing so I get to provide them with the care they truly need! I am passionate about helping everyone who comes in to our office achieve their health and wellness goals and live more pain-free lives!

With love,