Low Back Pain
I have suffered from low back pain for thirty years. My first episode la sted an entire month. I went to a chiropractor but it did not help me. I spent the next thirty years searching for relief, anything that would help me lead a normal life. The most difficult thing I had to deal with was never knowing if I would be able to participate in my daughter’s field trips, go on my vacations, or watch my grandson play soccer—or if I would be at home on my back instead.

I tried physical therapy, exercise, medication, and yoga. Although my back pain never stopped me from trying everything I wanted to, I always paid the price for it. But it was worth the pain, to be normal if for just a short time.

A year ago I started doing yoga and my teacher recommended Dr. Steve. She had done so much for my pain that I trusted her opinion.

She was so right: Dr. Steve is different from every other chiropractor I had gone to. I believe that you have to treat the whole body in order to heal it. Dr. Steve shares that philosophy, and it is why I have fewer episodes of chronic pain. For the first time I have hope that I may experience a life free of chronic pain. I want to be a participant in my grandchildren’s lives, not a bystander, and Dr. Steve is showing me that it is very possible.

– Sherri

I had headaches or migraines almost every day since high school. My neck and back were always achy too. These became the norm for me. I didn’t realize that I could feel any better than I did. If I had a migraine, I would just try to go to sleep or lay in the dark. I never felt like I had any energy, and I didn’t want to do anything.
My doctor put me on prescription migraine medication that I took everyday. The medicine worked as long as I continued to take it. If I stopped, the migraine would just come back.

Dr. Le held a seminar at my job, discussing health and the importance of good spinal structure and care. Now, after starting care, I hardly get headaches or migraines—and I hardly have to take medications! I have more energy, I work-out again, and I just feel better overall.

– Andrea

Neck & Shoulder Pain
I had chronic neck pain, pain in my shoulders, and pain between my shoulder blades for approximately 5 years. I had problems lifting heavy boxes at work; my family said I was “cranky.” I tried things like Bengay, hot tubs, and Advil for relief, but it was always only temporary.

I came to Dr. Le from the referral of a family member. And now, after being under care, the pain is gone! This has improved my life overall. I have become very aware of how I handle heavy objects now, and choose the foods I eat with consideration of how they will make me feel.

I was referred to your office by my friend. I had sciatic pain shooting pain down my right leg and also a hip problem. Since starting chiropractic care, I am able to stand longer than a few minutes at a time, unlike before. I was headed for unbearable pain without chiropractic care! In continuing with my care, I will be able to enjoy life without pain.

– Elaine

Severe Low Back & Neck Pain
My lower back had been hurting for years, sometimes with sharp, shooting pains down my right leg. My neck eventually began to hurt so bad that I could barely turn my head. I thought that I would just have to deal with it forever, so it was very frustrating. It was interfering with my daily life and limiting my abilities. I stopped bowling thirteen years ago when my lower back first began hurting. I continued my dance classes but there were things I could no longer do. And finally, when my neck started hurting, it was hard to sleep. I couldn’t even get comfortable.

I had been to doctors who thought surgery was the only solution for me. I also bought a sleep number bed, in hopes that it would ease the pain. The bed was comfortable, but it did not take away my back pain. And I didn’t want to have surgery, so I did not go back to the medical doctor.

I saw Dr. Le at the Women’s Expo. I’d never seen a chiropractor before and figured I had nothing to lose—I didn’t want surgery, and I didn’t want to live in pain every day. Since starting chiropractic care, I’ve regained mobility in my neck. My back does not hurt constantly, and I have more energy. I am optimistic that I will continue to get healthier without drugs or surgery. I realize that I don’t have to accept all the aches and pains as just a part of growing older.